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Day tours or Multi day tours (theme tours)

At our disposal is my luxurious air conditioned van, which seats 6 adults comfortably (if needed I can rent a larger minibus). whether a walking or driving tour, you set the place & pace
leave all the rest to me!

Jerusalem Day tour

A day tour to the capitol of Israel, the city with 3000 years of proven history. Understand the importance of Jerusalem to the three main monothestic religions. Visit the Wailing wall, Church of the holy Sepulcher, Room of the Last Supper and more.

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Bar/Bat Mitzvah

Bar/Bat Mitzvah tour would usually be 2-3 generations together with Jewish orientation. But we have to remember that happy kids make happy parents, so the tour will be more kid freindly with attractions and one special ceremonial day. The ceremonial day can be anywhere and anytime during the tour.

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Family tour

A multi day tour to be customized with you to meet your family's desires at the best: Knowledge, attractions, laidback,  handicap accessible... You name it - I will fit it to your request.

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Off the beaten track

People that have visited Israel multiple times in their life, want to explore new places, do different things, sometimes enjoy more extreme activities or layback and tour only half days.

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Christianity tour

Jesus lived here all his life; he established a community, he roamed the hills of the Galilee, conducted miracles & influenced people. We can visit the sites, see the views, bring the Bible alive in an extended 7 day tour in his footsteps. 


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Active tours

Some of us expect a more active vacation that might include biking, hiking, scuba diving and more without giving up the traditional sites. For those we can add the option of all these activities that are outsorced to certified companies/sites but coordinated with our itinerary.

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