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About me

My name is Baruch Frank. Originally from Minneapolis, Minnesota, in 1968 my family made "aliyah" (moved to Israel) to kibbutz Ein Harod. I was 8 years old. Growing up on kibbutz undoubtedly contributed to my inherent love of nature, as "knowing the land" . . . by foot as it was an integral part of kibbutz culture.

Upon graduating high school, I postponed my military service for a year, allowing me to work as a volunteer in a development town in southern Israel.

After fighting in the Lebanese War, I completed my army service as an officer in the armored corps, and took a two year break to expand horizons, backpacking through South America and Alaska with my companion and future wife, Shavit.

After returning to Israel and finishing my BSc in mechanical engineering, I reentered the army as a career officer and served another 15 years in R&D (research and development). I retired from the IDF (Israel Defense Forces) in 2003 with the rank of Lieutenant Colonel. It was then I decided to turn my hobbies into my new career (nature touring, biking, and off roading) and once again to become a student. This time in the SPNI (Society for Protection of Nature in Israel) course for tour guiding in Israel. Today I am a certified tour guide for both English and Hebrew speakers. I'm married to Shavit and have three wonderful children, Segev, Shaked and Carmel.

In my tours, I try to combine my love (and knowledge) of nature, with the history of our country, ecology, and my second love, technology. For example, in touring the Golan Heights, a favorite stop of mine is the wind turbines on Mount Hazeka where the beauty of technology and the beauty of nature combine to provide heat and light for the nearby homes.

A few years ago I completed a unique three generation bike tour. 

See the article from the Jerusalem post. I recently completed three Ministry of Tourism additional certifications, in Judaism, Islam and Christianity.

Read the article about me from the American Jewish World.

I am pleased to number among my satisfied clients, many Jewish and Christian tourists, organizations such as the March of the Living, many businessmen, and many individual families.

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