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Jeep tours

In the summer, we go out looking for wild animals with flood lights on open jeeps.

Off roading in any area of the country

We have dirt roads and paths along hundreds of km for fun off roading if by self driving ATV or jeep tours with a guide and added value.

Cooking workshops

Famous chefs or Arab families will host you and teach how to prepare authentic dishes from the Middle-Eastern cusine.

Ride on camels in the desert

Be a guest in Abraham's tent, bake pita bread with him, arrive and leave by camel back.

Nature hikes

Hiking in Israel - a veriety of difficulties, regions, according to season and desire.

Rappelling from cliffs all around the country

Rappelling from cliffs in a veriety of locations and hights. 

From the Old city of Jerusalem walls or cliffs around the city, 

into caves, as part of a wet nature hike in the Golan Heights

or the Ramon crater cliffs.

Spectacular mountain biking conditions and weather

Mountain biking around Israel - a veriaty of regions, paths, difficulties.

Sky-diving along the Medetterranean coast for the brave

Sky-diving in Israel is something tourists can do on weekends only.

Scuba diving

Scuba diving can be arranged in Caesarea archeological park or Eilat - reef diving.

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